About Empire Equestrian Stables
Empire Equestrian Stables is a small boutique property that offers a wide range of equestrian services.
Our friendly educated staff provide a learning experience like no other with our syllabus that allows us to track our students progress and give them goals to strive for with our very own level system.
Learn more about our other services we provide in the service sections and prices in the pricing list. 
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Eboney Grieve



Eboney started Empire Equestrian Stables as a small hobby she now owns 6 school horses and her school has had 100s of children walk through its doors. 

Her dreams are to give children as much knowledge not only about horse riding but horse care.

she has lots of certificates in coaching and performance horses.


     Libby Grieve


           Junior Assistant 

Libby will be found around helping our coaches, tacking up horses and taking them back to their paddocks. if you need to ask any questions she's your girl to go to. libby is a champion show horse rider.




Madison Grieve


         Assistant Coach 


Madison has only been coaching for a little while but has grown up watching her big sister train and coach, she follows in her foot steps and is a talented jumper.



Our Address:

14 Threlkeld Drive , Cattai , NSW 2756




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